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  Communicating When Disaster Strikes

Since its early beginnings, The Salvation Army has responded to man-made and natural disasters providing various services to victims and relief workers alike. In recent years, the ever increasing incidence of disaster have required us to expand our ability to respond. This has taken the form of specialized equipment, stockpiled supplies, along with the formation of volunteer teams.

The need to be able to communicate with our teams and equipment in the field is essential. Good communications are the key to an effective response to any disaster. The use of Amateur Radio by The Salvation Army will help us to render quick and effective service to those in need.

For many years, we had relied solely upon such groups as the ARRL to disperse personnel to us, during a disaster. While this has served us well, we generally had no pre-disaster relationship with these operators. As a result, they have little or no knowledge of our organization, services and capabilities. To further enhance the use of Amateur Radio in our Disaster Services, in 1988 we developed the Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network, known as SATERN.

Concord Corps SATERN now works with Red Cross, FEMA, CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), RACES (Radio Amateur Communication Emergency Service) and EDS (Emergency Disaster Service) to train volunteers for a real emergency.


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